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True Story! Sad But True Nonetheless!!

So I switched over to a dark theme on my iphone today (wow i know right! lol ) Anyhow so I caught myself really looking at it to see if I liked it or not and boom I had this out of body clarity that said "Yep You Lost It" after noticing this:

I know what your thinking, who gets drunk before their very first bank job right!

But No, I was going to knock over a liquor store initially until i realized they have the better security and can shoot my ass!

Anyhow, a little glimpse into the mind of yours truly!

If only I could find a way to potentially pay my car note, and not have to rob a bank and risk killing an innocent civilian wanting to play hero coming between me and my money!

P.S. Huge Sale Over At MuscleChemistry Advanced Supplements! You Really Should Check it Out! Getting in shape just could save your life, and someone elses too!!! lmao

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