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The Rock Promoting 2020 IFBB SHOW

The Rock, The Great One, The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports and Entertainment¸! Or as you may know him as Dwayne Johnson, the big tattooed bald guy that’s been popping up in those “Fast and Furious” movies for the past decade.

Since leaving the world of WWE behind him, Dwayne Johnson has been growing both physically and financially. He’s now a very successful businessman who basically turn to gold everything he touches, a modern-day King Midas.

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It seems that this time he has set his sights towardsBody Building. The long-short of this rumor is thatRock’s company( “Seven bucks productions”) will be financing this yet unknown project rumored to be called “Rock games” and the prize money will be bigger than the one at Mr. Olympia. 

Now, this isn’t as far fetched and as ridiculous as it may seem. Seven bucks production actually promoted Mr. Olympia in 2017 and The Rock made a special appearance in 2016 receiving a variation of a “lifetime achievement” award. Also, The Rock already has his twist on a beloved fringe-sport. He has his own version of American Gladiator/Ninja Warrior called “Titan Games”. So, again I say, this isn’t as ridiculous of an idea as you may initially think.  

The Rock With Phil HeathThe Rock With Phil Heath

Now, all this more or less is coming from a single source, fitness YouTube channel, “Nick’s Strength and Power“. Nick made this in response to a comment made by Dexter Jackson on Mike Rashid’s podcastwhere Dexter claims that in 2020 a new IFBB show that will pay more than Olympia will be competing with Olympia for top talent. 

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